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Welcome to the first post of the blog

Why action? Because people say write about what you know and I’m most familiar with movie action — rigging, stunts, engineering, 2nd unit action directing, cinematography, mechanical and pyro effects, visual effects, set safety and risk management, editing, and production related needs such as insurance and Screen Actors Guild rules — than I am about any other subject. I want to become an expert on movie action and I want to create a place for experts to contribute to the subject. I have worked as a stunt performer and stunt coordinator since 1993 ( and am pursuing a career as an action director. If you are a filmmaker who loves action, then we can share ideas and experiences, good and bad, and learn together.

Look for guest bloggers, tips and tricks of the trade, and behind-the-scenes info of productions, all relating to action scenes, like you would see on the extras of a DVD or BluRay. Initially, we will break down the action gags on my short films at We will also investigate topics of interest to our readers. Stay tuned to see where we end up and contribute your ideas and links to action related stuff.

Thanks, be safe and God bless!

-Ian Eyre


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