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Action Camera Motorcycle

Just embarked on a new project, to build an electric camera motorcycle. The new Zero electric motorcycles are pretty awesome and well suited for action cinematography. They have no gears, so smooth shots can be achieved from standing still up to 95 mph. They have no emissions, so chases can shot indoors. And they are almost silent, so there’s nothing to spook an animal or anger neighbors.

I just purchased this 2012 Zero Dual Sport motorcycle:


Top speed is 85 mph and range is around 70 miles, plenty for a movie shoot. The batteries last 250,000 miles and the only maintenance is tires and drive belt.

Here are some examples of other people’s camera bikes:

Dan Wynands’ Action Trax Superhawk and Honda CRX450.

Regis Harrington’s Covert Camera Bikes Excitebike (based on the 2012 Zero Street motorcycle). Thanks to Regis for giving me a reality check on his efforts to educate the industry about the value of electric camera bikes.

I have a slightly different strategy to enter the field, so stay tuned as I build my prototype. If any of you want to suggest a name for my new bike and for my new stunt engineering company, please chime in below.



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