A movie action resource for filmmakers.


This is a blog dedicated to furthering the art of movie action — stunts and stunt rigging, pyro and mechanical effects, visual effects, engineering, set safety and risk management, stunt coordinating and 2nd unit action directing, story, cinematography, editing, and production related needs such as insurance and Screen Actors Guild rates and rules relating to stunt performers and coordinators. If you are a filmmaker new to action, hopefully I can help you. If you are an established stunt performer, stunt rigger, stunt coordinator or action director, we will have different specialties and experience and you never know how creative we can be together.

Peruse this Producing Action Syllabus and comment below on the topics you’d like me to research and/or present in more detail. Check back every Tuesday for a new post.

Authors of this blog are Ian Eyre and, soon to be, Troi Ge; our links are in the menu to the left. We welcome contributors and guest bloggers, so please feel free to contact us.

Thanks, Ian

Ian Eyre is a 20+ year veteran of the movie business as stunt performer & coordinator, SPFX fabricator & supervisor, writer, action director and producer. He is an alum of Act One: Screenwriting for Hollywood, class of 2001 and holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering fro Ga Tech, class of 1995. He can be reached at


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